Dominican Preaching and Poetry-Jubilee 800 Celebration

Dominican Preaching and Poetry- A Poem for our Jubilee 800 Celebration

Last year, I blogged about “Oranges from Dominic’s Tree” (1), a book published on Dominican Poetry as a form of Dominican Preaching by Matthew Powell, OP. I briefly described the intent of the book, and how as members of the Dominican Order, we are called to preach and to share the fruits of our contemplation. Inspired by this book, and how it opened up a new avenue of preaching through poetry, I subsequently shared a recent experience at work which moved me to write, of all things, a poem, Conjoined-A Poem. I don’t think I would ever have been so moved had I not been enlightened by Matthew Powell’s book, and how by sharing the fruits of his and others’ contemplation, I was able to share the fruits of mine. I also shared one of our Candidate’s,  Jennifer Burgin, blog article about her spiritual journey that included an original poem about aging, Spiritual Snippet-The Stages of the Ages.

This past month, I was moved to write a poem for our preachers in the Dominican Family, which I share below, “O’ Preacher”.

May the fruits continue…St. Dominic, pray for us!Wishing all of our Dominican Family, a most blessed Jubilee 800 Celebration.   

A Jubilee 800 Poem (#OP800)

O' Preacher
by Dr. Jana Sullinger, OP MD

O’ Preacher!
Spread your tale
Of hope and love…
These things prevail,
For salvation of souls, two by two,
You bring the truth.

O’ Preacher!
To you the grace of wisdom.
Seeker, hearer of truth,
Fruits harvested, eaten and 
Given to God’s children…
Minds and hearts opened.

O’ Preacher!
To you the grace of humility.
Sing to God with the Saints…
Hearts uplifted from bended knee.
To God all praise and glory.
Alleluiah! Amen.

O’ Preacher!
To you the grace of charity.
Loving your neighbor…
Your brothers and sisters.
Helping to share the joy
Of the cross.

O’ Preacher!
To you the grace of fortitude.
Into the world clothed in darkness,
You are the light…
Beacons of hope.
Evangelist, missionary, disciple.

O’ Preacher!
Eyes and hearts raised to God.
Your prayers of thanksgiving a joyful noise,
To the Father of Creation,
And your paraclete He gifted
Through your Mother, full of grace.

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2. Featured Image: The Fiesole Altarpiece is a painting by the Italian early Renaissance master Fra Angelico, executed around 1424-1425. It is housed in the Convent of San Domenico, Fiesole, central Italy. The background was repainted by Lorenzo di Credi in 1501. Wikipedia, accessed 12/25/2014 at 11:50 am.
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