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Dominican Preaching and Poetry-Jubilee 800 Celebration

Dominican Preaching and Poetry- A Poem for our Jubilee 800 Celebration Last year, I blogged about “Oranges from Dominic’s Tree” (1), a book published on Dominican Poetry as a form of Dominican Preaching by Matthew Powell, OP. I briefly described the intent of the book, and how as members of the Dominican Order, we are called to preach and to share the fruits […]


Gratitude- A Poem

A Christmas Reflection This Christmas season is a time of reflection, a time of hope and joy…for unto us our Savior was born. It is a time of gratitude and thanks, and of giving of ourselves to others. Would you join me and take just a few minutes today, and take note […]

Welcome to The Dominican Habit!

Welcome to The Dominican Habit!  I invite you to join me on my personal metanoia…my journey into The Dominican Habit. My hope and prayer, is that by sharing my own journey, others may hear God ‘s calling them to their own spiritual journey with Him, to their own Habit. Let’ […]


Dominican Preaching Through Poetry-Spirit Eternal

Dominican Preaching and Poetry-“Spirit Eternal” I am adding another article, continuing on the topic of Dominican Preaching Through Poetry, which I also have discussed in these other articles,  including DominicanPreaching and Poetry-Jubilee Celebration and DominicanPreaching Through Poetry-Addendum. Continued peace and blessings to you all this day. Spirit Eternal By Dr. Jana Sullinger, OP MD Things unseen…eternal… A […]