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Gratitude- A Poem

A Christmas Reflection This Christmas season is a time of reflection, a time of hope and joy…for unto us our Savior was born. It is a time of gratitude and thanks, and of giving of ourselves to others. Would you join me and take just a few minutes today, and take note […]


Dominican Preaching and Poetry-Jubilee 800 Celebration

Dominican Preaching and Poetry- A Poem for our Jubilee 800 Celebration Last year, I blogged about “Oranges from Dominic’s Tree” (1), a book published on Dominican Poetry as a form of Dominican Preaching by Matthew Powell, OP. I briefly described the intent of the book, and how as members of the Dominican Order, we are called to preach and to share the fruits […]


Dominican Preaching Through Poetry-Spirit Eternal

Dominican Preaching and Poetry-“Spirit Eternal” I am adding another article, continuing on the topic of Dominican Preaching Through Poetry, which I also have discussed in these other articles,  including DominicanPreaching and Poetry-Jubilee Celebration and DominicanPreaching Through Poetry-Addendum. Continued peace and blessings to you all this day. Spirit Eternal By Dr. Jana Sullinger, OP MD Things unseen…eternal… A […]